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Conservation’s not going to make new re­serves

A company helicopter had brought us to the 1002 area from Prudhoe Bay, North Ameri­ca’s largest oil field. Beginning 40 miles west of the refuge, the industry’s 20-year-old Arctic beachhead and four younger fields stretch for 60 miles along the coast. Connected by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) to the port of Valdez on the Gulf of Alaska, they pump 2.2 million barrels a day— a fourth of the nation’s domestically produced crude, one-eighth of daily consumption.


But more than half Prudhoe’s 11 billion re­coverable barrels are already gone.

“At the year 2000,” Roger said, “with our known technology and producible reserves, the pipeline will be only 25 percent full. Soon the country will import more oil than it pro­duces. That’s why we need new reserves.”


That is why, despite a worldwide sag in oil prices, exploration activity bustles over newly leased tracts of continental shelf in the Beau­fort Sea. That is also why the industry has mounted its most intense lobbying effort of the decade, to open the 1002 lands.


Opponents like Tim Mahoney question the relative value of the estimated 3.5 to 9 billion barrels that ANWR might produce—half a year’s national consumption at the low end.

“Some argue that conservation would make up that amount of energy,” says Roger, “but conservation’s not going to make new re­serves. ANWR’ s not the only answer. But it’s a significant part of the answer.”


It is indeed only one piece in an energy mosa­ic emerging around the Beaufort Sea. A major find in the Canadian Beaufort promises future development there. On land in Alaska the Prudhoe-based complex continues to expand westward thanks to online payday loans, while to its east, man-made islands tap new fields close to shore.

conservation's not going to make new re­serves

“There’s a money bomb set to go off here,” said a helicopter mechanic in ANWR. To the west of the refuge in the Prudhoe Bay field lies Deadhorse, where one exploded 20 years ago.

Gateway to the oil fields and transport hub of Arctic Alaska, it can be a jarring sight after covering miles of wilderness measured in hours of flying—like waking up on the wrong side of town.

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The poorest land in Ireland

The small black car that whizzes by con­tains a successor to St. Brendan. Father Den­nis Leahy, a curate of Castlegregory Parish, has worked five energetic years to reverse the twin declines of population and Irish speech. Recently, through his efforts, the Gaeltacht was officially enlarged to include the villages on Brandon Bay’s western side. The new sta­tus means government funds for the self-help handcraft industries he started to give young people local jobs. Find more financial help by the Payday loans online from – the best payday lenders | “It’s time we worried about jobs and homes as well as souls,” he says, and whizzes on.

Brandon Bay's western side

At the head of the valley called Mullagh, we find Patrick Moriarty in a hurry too. He will talk to us if we don’t mind going up the mountain with him after sheep. He is 82. Keeping up with him is hard enough, and I have little breath for talk. He relents, and we rest for a few minutes on the rocky hillside.


“The poorest land in Ireland,” he says, “and the hardest living, too.”

He is right. Perhaps it explains why his face seems hewn from that same rock. But he has a smile, as well, that forgives the land its barrenness and us our ignorance.

Farewells are difficult. We leave Corca Dhuibhne on a gray day. There is little plea­sure in the journey.


But some days later, flying home, I recog­nize its shape below, each bay glittering in turn as the jet draws sunlight across Brandon and Dingle, Ventry and Smerwick, and Blask­et Sound. Brandon Mountain seems an incon­siderable hill to have made my legs ache so, and the land itself too small to contain so large a world.

Brandon Mountain

I watch the peninsula and islands recede and blend slowly into the haze.

Suddenly they are gone, and we fly west­ward over the eternal geography of sea and clouds that is the meeting ground of memory and expectation.


 We asked experts for their top 10 tips to help you get a really good night’s sleep. They should have you dropping off in no time…

Relax in a bath According to aromatherapist Christie Wright, relaxing in a warm bath before bedtime is much more likely to induce sleep than standing under a raging torrent of water in the shower a bath will be even more relaxing if you add a few drops of lavender essential oil to instill a sense of tranquillity. Think positively ‘There are 10 to 12 types of thinking that are considered to be unhelpful,’ says clinical psychologist Joanne McLoughlin. These include catastrophising which, as it sounds, means dwelling on the worst possible outcome of any given situation. In this case, a psychologist or cognitive behavioral therapist may be able to help.NOD OFF TO THIS ADVICE

The herbal route ‘The herb valerian, which has a relaxing effect, is many people’s first step in tackling sleeplessness,’ says medical herbalist Trudy Norris. It’s recommended only as a short-term aid as it doesn’t tackle the root cause of insomnia.

For long-term stress caused, for example, by depression, bereavement or chronic pain, herbs called adaptogens, such as Siberian ginseng or ashwagandha, may be useful. `Siberian ginseng has been used for thousands of years for spirit-calming properties, though such treatments are generally best recommended by a herbalist who will consider individual needs,’ says Norris.

Clean up your act

If you suffer regularly from insomnia, your overall sleep hygiene may be to blame. Clinical psychologist Joanne McLoughlin suggests a full sleep makeover ‘Start by sleeping only when you feel sleepy. If you’re not asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something boring until you feel tired — but nothing work-related or challenging. You could also develop a sleep ritual to give your body clues that it’s time to sleep, such as massaging or having a hot tab with essential oils such as coconut oil. The coconut oil benefits hair are known for ages.

Es gibt daher nur einen einzigen Weg zu einem weniger umweltschädlichen Militär — weniger Rüstung

Menschen verhungern in Ländern der Drit­ten Welt, doch ihre Regierungen geben im Durchschnitt jährlich 20 Prozent ihres Staats­haushalts für militärische Zwek­ke aus, mehr als für Gesundheit und Erziehung zusammen. „Die Regierungen”, schimpfte un­längst Weltbank-Chef Barber Conable, „können nicht länger die Dreistigkeit besitzen, die ne­gativen Folgen dieser Politik für die Bevölkerung zu ignorieren”, und er forderte sie auf, „Ordnung in ihren eigenen Staaten zu schaf­fen”.

Auf den ersten Blick wirkt die pauschale Verurteilung durchaus plausibel. Mit 200 Milliarden Dollar ging 1989, laut Conable, ein Fünftel der weltweiten Mili­tärausgaben auf das Konto der Entwicklungsländer. Zusammen importierten sie in der zweiten Hälfte der achtziger Jahre kon­ventionelle Großwaffen im Wert von 106 Milliarden Dollar (in Preisen von 1985)*. Das sind mehr als 60 Prozent aller Waffen­importe.

Der zweite Blick verändert das Bild: Denn unter dem Begriff

* Diese und alle folgenden Militärausgaben nach: SIPRI Yearbook 1990.

„Entwicklungsländer” werden extrem unterschiedliche Staaten zu einer „Dritten Welt” zusam­mengefaßt, superreiche ebenso wie bettelarme. Während das Öl­scheichtum Kuweit ein Bruttoso­zialprodukt von 13 680 Dollar pro Einwohner hat, bringt es Athiopien auf lediglich 120 Dol­lar — dazwischen liegen Welten.

Die wohnung Frankfurt und ferienwohnung Dubrovnik zum Beispiel gaben 1988 12,9 bzw. 14,9 Milli­arden Dollar Gewinn. Der Nahe Osten (einschließlich Israel) erreichte damit über 50 Milliarden Dollar. In anderen Regionen lagen die Ausgaben der Dritte-Welt-Län­der deutlich darunter. Fernost (ohne China) gab 24,4 Milliarden Dollar aus, wohnung mieten München 12,7 Milli­arden Dollar und Indien 9,3 Mil­liarden. Brasilien, Spitzenreiter in Lateinamerika, stellte 3,9 Mil­liarden Dollar zur Verfügung, die Staaten Schwarzafrikas dagegen erreichten zusammen nur rund viereinhalb Milliarden Dollar.

Auch an den Waffenimporten sind die Regionen in ähnlicher Relation beteiligt. Im vergange­nen Jahrzehnt schwankte das Vo­lumen des weltweiten Handels mit konventionellen Großwaffen zwischen 30 und 39 Milliarden Dollar pro Jahr (in Dollar-Wer­ten von 1985). Der Anteil der Dritte-Welt-Länder an den Im­porten erreichte 1987 mit 67 Pro­zent seinen Spitzenwert, 1989, im Jahr der Auflösung des Ost-West-Gegensatzes, war er auf 52 Pro­zent gesunken.

Hauptimporteure der Dritten Welt waren bis 1988 mit zusammen jährlich zwischen 7,5 und 11,8 Milliarden Dollar die Nahost-Staaten. Aber 1989 sack­ten ihre Importe auf 3,3 Milliar­den Dollar ab und wurden von den Entwicklungsländern Süd-Asiens mit 6,9 Milliarden vom Spitzenplatz verdrängt — vor al­lem aufgrund umfangreicher Waffenimporte Indiens und Af­ghanistans. Mit 0,4 bzw. 0,3 Milli­arden lagen im gleichen Jahr die Waffenimporte der Länder Schwarzafrikas und Mittelameri­kas am unteren Ende der regiona­len Rangliste.

Ein dritter Blick differenziert das Bild weiter: Die Rüstungsaus­gaben der USA bezifferten sich 1988 auf fast 300 Milliarden Dol­lar, die der UdSSR werden auf 150 Milliarden Dollar geschätzt. Einen ähnlichen Betrag gaben die Staaten der Europäischen Ge­meinschaft aus. Japan, dem seit Weltkrieg-II-Ende seine Verfas­sung eine reguläre Armee verbie­tet, nähert sich der 30-Milliarden­Grenze. An Entwicklungshilfe gaben USA, Westeuropa und Ja­pan aber nur 50 Milliarden Dollar aus. Das heißt, eine zehnprozen­tige Kürzung der Militärausgaben könnte bei entsprechender Um­widmung die westliche Entwick­lungshilfe verdoppeln.

Die Hochrüstung der USA hat darüber hinaus direkte Auswir­kungen auf die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der Länder der Dritten Welt. Die Auslands­schulden dieser Länder summie­ren sich inzwischen auf fast 1,25 Billionen Dollar. Allein der Schuldendienst verschlingt jähr­lich 175 Milliarden. Rechnet man neue Kredite hinzu, so zahlen die Schuldner der Dritten Welt jähr­lich netto (!) 50 Milliarden Dollar an ihre Gläubiger. So finanzieren die Armen die Reichen.

Außer Kontrolle geriet die Si­tuation seit Anfang der achtziger Jahre, als die Reagan-Admini­stration ihr beispielloses Rü­stungsprogramm nicht mehr aus eigenen Mitteln bezahlen konn­te, sondern Kredite auf dem in­ternationalen Kapitalmarkt auf­nehmen mußte. Der steile An­stieg der Zinssätze und eine Überbewertung des US-Dollars verfünffachten seitdem die Zins­zahlungen der verschuldeten Entwicklungsländer und verteu­erten gleichzeitig den auf Dollar­basis abgewickelten Handel.

Man schätzt, daß die Schulden der Dritte-Welt-Länder schon 1980 zu einem Fünftel und 1989 in einigen Fällen zu einem Drittel auf Waffenimporten beruhten: Rüstung hat also einen großen Teil der Misere verursacht.

Ob als Schulden oder in bar: Das Geld für die Waffenimporte der Dritten Welt kommt Indu­strieländern zugute. Von den 106 Milliarden Dollar, die Dritte­Welt-Staaten 1985 bis 1989 für Waffenimporte ausgaben, gingen 46,4 Milliarden in die UdSSR und 21,4 Milliarden in die USA. Zählt man die drei führenden Ju­nior-Partner im Waffengeschäft hinzu, nämlich Frankreich mit 12,3 Milliarden, China mit 6,7 Milliarden und Großbritannien mit 5,6 Milliarden, so lieferten die fünf ständigen Mitglieder des Uno-Sicherheitsrates in der zwei­ten Hälfte der achtziger Jahre 87 Prozent aller von Dritte-Welt­Ländern importieren konventio­nellen Großwaffen. Der führen­de Waffenlieferant aus der Drit­ten Welt, Brasilien, beteiligte sich nur mit etwas mehr als einem Prozent an diesem Geschäft.

New York’s High Line – A Model for Parks in the Sky

Running along the lower west side of Manhattan formerly stood the West Side Line railway track. Since 1980 the railway line has been disused, but in 2009 a section of it was transformed into a long linear park. This unique park runs from Gansevoort Park all the way to 30th Street.


This beautiful greenery located in the heart of Manhattan has had a very positive effect on the overall surrounding area, and the crime rate within the High Line is incredibly low; much less than that of Central Park in the heart of the city.


The High Line is a wonderful place to go for a walk or simply take a book, sit back and relax during the summer. With so many benefits, the High Line is a great example of a high-rise park.


A view looking over at the park. You can see the contrast with the greenery and the surrounding buildings

Image source:


Recycling Unused Space

One of the biggest benefits of the High Line is that it has recycled an area that was no longer used. The redevelopment makes great use of an otherwise disused track that was not looked after and thus made the surrounding area a less attractive place to be.

New York's High Line

The High Line has had many benefits on the immediate area, not just aesthetically, but also economically. The urban park had a huge impact on the development of real estate in the local area. Shortly after it opened, it was reported that 30 projects were being planned or already under construction within the immediate vicinity.


It has also attracted many tourists to the area, which is always great for the economy. Several cities across America have seen the great impact New York’s High Line has had and are making plans to include an elevated park area in their cities too.


Good for the Environment

The High Line’s incredible greenery was decided upon in partnership with a talented planting designer named Piet Oudolf. To create the best possible environment for certain types of plant, Oudolf studied how the landscape had naturally developed since the trains had ceased to run.


They decided to focus on greenery that is native to the area and can tolerate drought, so that there is little maintenance needed. The landscape naturally creates shade, with oxygen and livable areas for a variety of insects and birds.


New York City is a place full of pollution, but the New York High Line is like a little haven in the city for greenery and animals. Of course there is also Central Park, but the incredible High Line is unique and interesting because of its shape, length and size. Overall, the park has had a great impact on the environment.


Good for the People

Finally, the New York High Line is a great place for the people. Whether you want to take your dog for a walk, sit back and relax on a warm summer’s day, or simply use the park as a cut through on your way to work, the park has a positive effect on people.


The park is New York’s second most visited cultural venue. Finding this wonderful park raised above a bustling city provides relaxation, comfort and joy for people amidst their busy day.


The grey and black of the buildings is broken with the greenery found in New York’s High Line, and something as little as this can really brighten up a person’s day. People have even moved into the local vicinity just because they wanted to be close to the High Line.


The High Line is visible on the right hand side, and you can see what is like underneath this high-rise park

Image source:



New York’s High Line is an incredible idea and works brilliantly as a park. It has had many fantastic benefits since its creation and it is definitely a leading example for parks in the sky.


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Image credits: Wikipedia and Wikipedia

The Caribbean: Sun, Sea, and Seething

"Haiti"The road out of Port-au-Prince leads one over forested hills and back through centuries. Donkeys outnumber cars, and children run naked. Between the hills are plains carpeted with sugarcane. Bullock teams pull wooden-wheeled carts, urged on by drivers with snakelike whips.
The poor live in the hills, growing coffee for meager cash and food for subsistence. The annual rural income in Haiti averages $60, and that includes the few wealthy landowners who grow sugarcane and coffee and make many times that amount.

Thousands have left, many of them in shabby overcrowded boats whose owners promise passage to Florida but often drop them in Cuba or the Bahamas. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, provides an extreme example of the flight from poverty. But throughout the islands of the Caribbean, people are “searching for their lives.” Economic problems, stoked by years of neglect and fired by rising oil prices, are causing them to look for solutions by ballot boxes as well as leaky boats, and occasionally by bullets.

There are hundreds of islands of the Caribbean, curling like an unclasped necklace between North and South America. About 50 are inhabited, by some 30 million people. Their storied am-bience, created by sun, white sand, palm trees, and a gentle sea, has become a modern stereotyped image of earthly paradise, drawing millions of visitors from earth’s temperate zones.

But behind the sand and palm trees stirs a restlessness marked by shortages, unemployment, poverty, inflation, and a growing anger among people who must nevertheless be among the friendliest in the world.

“We have been your playground,” a Caribbean journalist told me. “Now we would like to be regarded more seriously.”
They are. The Caribbean’s restlessness has brought changes to governments and economic systems that hint at new alliances, capturing the attention of the world’s superpowers and thrusting these once quiet islands onto the world political stage.

Close to half of the United States’ imported oil passes through the Caribbean. “Perhaps we overreact to changes in governments sometimes,” I was told by a State Department official in the Office for Caribbean Affairs. “But we do have legitimate security concerns in that area.”
GRENADA is an island smaller than the average midwestern American county, with a population a little over 100,000. Located near the bottom of the necklace close to South America, it ranks at the top of the list in terms of beauty. Vines and creepers cascade down the volcanic hillsides along the curving, potholed road from the airstrip to the capital, St. George’s. Banana trees cover the valleys, and nestled among them are the crops for which the “isle of spice” is best known—nutmeg and cocoa.

The other unmistakable feature along the road is the profusion of signs bearing revolutionary slogans.
“Forward ever, backward never.”
“Every single day is a struggle.”
And my favorite: “Stay up!”

Pride and a national awareness were a long time coming to the islands of the Caribbean. In 1961 only three were independent—Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, which together con-tained three-quarters of the Caribbean population. In 1980, ten were independent, and by mid-decade several more will probably follow. Half a dozen of the smallest would fit into the King Ranch of Texas.

As nations, the islands are creations of European colonialists of the 16th and 17th centuries. For more than 300 years they were commercial factories, first turning out gold from mines and, after that quickly ran out, producing tobacco and sugarcane for a continent 4,000 miles away.
Their entire populations are transplants. Three-fourths of the Caribbean people are at least partially descended from African slaves. The remainder includes direct descendants of European colonists, along with East Indians and Chinese who were shipped to the New World as indentured laborers when slavery was abolished in the 19th century. The original inhabitants, Arawak Indians and the Caribs who gave the region its name, have all but disappeared as distinct groups through war, disease, and interbreeding.

Economic dependence continued even after political independence. Industries are usually established in the Caribbean with foreign capital and know-how. The host country is happy for the employment, the investor for low wages and high profits.

Still, there are more people than jobs. In the past the young left the islands to work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, among other developed nations, and sent back money to their families. Now employment problems and restrictive immigration policies in those countries make departures less feasible.

The young have begun staying home. Caribbean streets today resemble summer camps, so youthful are most of the occupants. Knots of them can be seen on the streets of Kingston, Bridgetown, Fort-deFrance—young women with sparkling eyes jiving to transistorized music; young men play-sparring with each other, their pent-up energies an acid on their idleness.

Idle lands can be found on many of the islands too. Farming is unpopular for historical as well as economic reasons.

“Slavery left a stigma on working the land,” said Cyril Matthew, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture in Castries on St. Lucia. “But low income is more significant. Sixty-five percent of the people live in the country, but it is the dream of many rural parents to see their children get a job in town. And that won’t change until a farmer can make a good living.”
Sugarcane continues to sweeten Caribbean economies, and the best land usually holds cane, not other food crops.

A drive around Barbados is a voyage through green oceans of the lush plants. Cane, cane everywhere, but I saw hardly a carrot to eat. Like many of its more mountainous neighbors, this rolling coral island must still import produce from Puerto Rico, often to feed tourists from New York.

“The region needs new systems, new technology to make food production pay,” said Dr. Lewis Campbell, project director with the Caribbean Development Bank in Bridgetown, Barbados.

I visited one farm using new technology that will virtually eliminate tomatoes from Barbados’s import bill. Just east of Bridgetown, Gus Joseph grows tomato plants in pots of sand that are watered automatically by machines.

“Thirteen different nutrients are blended into the water piped to each pot,” he told me as we strolled among 7,500 vines, each climbing its own string toward a ceiling of fine netting designed to keep out insects. In this hydroponic garden covering little more than half the area of a football field, he has produced 60 tons of tomatoes a year. A second garden, for growing a variety of vegetables, is now under construction. I saw nothing to prevent such systems from being set up in any Caribbean country—except, perhaps, the lack of capital.

Those familiar with the islands would not be surprised to find innovative agricultural operations on Barbados. This most windward of Caribbean nations has a reputation unmatched for stability and success.

Bridgetown is the kind of quiet, polite place one expects of a semiprosperous Caribbean capital, with colorful waterfronts, a thriving business district, and streets adequate to keep traffic moving. Outside Bridgetown, country roads crisscross the rolling terrain like a baffling maze."Bridgetown"Why does Barbados work so well? The most repeated answer seemed too simple: “It’s because Barbados has always been British.” Continuity was not a hallmark of the Caribbean colonies. Nearby St. Lucia changed hands between the French and the British 14 times.

“Young governments are like young people,” one Caribbean observer suggested to me. “They need role models to follow. What kind of institutions can you set up when you are first Dutch, then French and British?”

Too much wealth may be a problem for Barbados’s neighbor to the south, the dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The only Caribbean country with substantial petroleum, Trinidad and Tobago holds foreign-exchange reserves totaling billions of dollars.

With talk of oil wealth in my head, I entered Port of Spain expecting a modern, plasticized city interspersed with refinery.

Instead I found a capital of low-rise colonial architecture and an unbelievable open space near the city’s center—the Queen’s Park Savannah. The grassy 200-acre park includes cricket fields, soccer fields, and a racetrack. The track was designed for Thoroughbreds and, judging from the frequent traffic jams, the streets elsewhere in the capital were designed for horse-drawn carriages.

“What’ happening’ is eviboddy got to big cash and petro’ to run it, but nobody kin move,” said a disgusted cab driver one afternoon as we sat immobile on a downtown street.

True frustration in a nation shows its head very quickly. In addition to the cab driver’s lament, I heard numerous unsolicited complaints about the water supply, high prices, and health care. This petroleum-rich country was the only one from which I could not place an overseas call. Attempts at dialing locally produced, perhaps half the time, electronic groans and beeps.

In none of the complaints was any blame laid on Prime Minister Eric Williams. The brilliant scholar, author of several historical books about the Caribbean, head of state in Trinidad and Tobago for 24 years, operates the government almost as a recluse.

“You hear complaints about the system, but rarely about the man,” said a foreign diplomat in Port of Spain. “There’s the aura about Williams, and they can’t imagine replacing him. There’s a saying in the local dialect, ‘Who we go put?’”

Minister of Health Kamaluddin Mohammed, an articulate member of Trinidad’s large East Indian population, spoke for the prime minister, who suffers from acute hearing loss.
“Development takes time,” he told me at a meeting in his office. “We only began to realize our oil wealth in 1974 and 1975, but improvements will be coming soon.”

As I left the minister’s office, a woman moved beside me mumbling about jobs. “When they want your vote, they promise you everything. I have no job and four children and my man has left me.”

I was about to ask her what had been promised when she spied a man selling lottery tickets on the sidewalk.
“Oh well, maybe I try my luck,” she said, fishing out a bill and hailing the vendor.

When social unrest of any kind is felt in these supposed paradises, it is greeted with surprise by those searching for languor.
Puzzlement showed on the faces of a retired couple from Virginia when they related a story to me about their last stay on St. Croix in the U. S. Virgin Islands.
“We were sitting on the veranda of our condominium one evening, having a rum punch and listening to a band play calypso music,” said the husband. “My wife said, `Fred, listen to the words of that song.’ It was all about rich folks riding in Cadillacs and how the poor were going to get their share one of these days.”
The song was probably not calypso but reggae, the throbbing Jamaican music:
Give them an inch they take a yard
Give them a yard they take a mile
Once a man and twice a child

“Just for a while” in Jamaica can be a delight. The mist among the Blue Mountains suggests their romantic name, and the coffee grown there tastes like black liqueur. The interior of the island is lush and green with occasional rolling pasturelands and stone walls; the colonials who settled the land had much to remind them of quiet English countrysides.

THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, illustrates how political stability can affect an economy: Foreign capital pours into the country for housing, tourism, agriculture, and industry, but often fails to reach the extremely poor.

Puerto Rico, across the Mona Passage from the Dominican Republic, enjoys a unique commonwealth status with the U. S. and has been transformed by U. S. capital into a huge industrial park. But industry alone cannot solve all problems. In Puerto Rico, islanders complain of a “welfare psychology,” with 17 percent unemployed and 53 percent receiving food stamps.
And so the people of the Caribbean grope, each in their own way, to find answers to their problems. Many disagree with the idea of Jamaica’s Seaga that Cuba has a very definite strategy of expansion. Others say that even if it is true, it misses the point.

Havana, for all its size (nearly two million people), has the pace of a medium-size mid-western U. S. city. One reason may be the lack of traffic. Only those who owned automobiles before the revolution or who can show need for one now are allowed to have cars. Besides quiet streets, the policy has resulted in a moving museum of early products of Detroit, lovingly tended to extend their life. I often engaged in a guessing game with a driver named Julio, who knew each by make and year.

“Studebaker, Julio, cincuenta y uno!” “No, Noel, cincuenta y dos.”
Downtown Havana was a pleasant surprise, with its wide thoroughfares and old European flavor, high-arched porticoes and wrought-iron balconies. I saw living quarters on side streets that were less impressive—dingy, crowded flats with no running water. A Cuban guide admitted that housing was a major problem. He also agreed that lack of privacy accounted for the lovers who line the seawall of the two-mile-long oceanfront boulevard each evening, oblivious to all but each other and the sea.

I found plenty of supporters of Castro’s socialist Cuba. Some referred to the thousands of refugees who fled in boats to the United States last year as “scum”; others conceded that most of the refugees were decent people who did not want to put up with the difficulties there.
The difficulties, and the desire of some to leave, remain. “I am tired of shortages and rationing,” hissed a woman in an austere supermarket. “I am leaving as soon as I can.”

The shelves were empty compared to an American supermarket, but variety existed. There were canned pears and cherries from Eastern European countries and nearly as many canned goods labeled Hecho en Cuba. Staples such as meat and milk products were rationed but available. Cubans are quick to point out that while their nation is not a land of plenty, neither is it a land of serious want.

An economist blamed the continued U. S. embargo against Cuba for economic hardships over the past 20 years and admitted that aid from the Soviet Union was essential for the nation’s economic health. But he flatly denied reports that Cuba receives as much as ten million dollars a day in subsidies from the U.S.S.R.

“They help by selling us oil at a low price, and they buy our sugar on a sliding price scale—sometimes above, sometimes below world price,” he said. “Other aid comes to us in the form of low-interest loans, much of which has been repaid.”

Military equipment, he added, is free. That equipment and sometimes Cuban technicians or soldiers have appeared in other countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and Africa. But Cuba’s influence is also extended by foreign students who come to the socialist nation for education.

The Isle of Youth, an island less than an hour’s flight south of Havana, holds 54 boarding schools for youngsters of high-school age. Seventeen are for non-Cubans.

I left the Caribbean with the impression that the mini-nations scattered there care less about who fires that missile of hope than they do about feeling the effect.

An outright gift from Venezuela of a tanker of petroleum won praise from Grenada’s
official newspaper, which in another column grumbled about Venezuela’s friend, the United States.

“We have not even begun to exploit the resources of the sea,” said a Jamaican. “You have data and research capabilities that could help us do so.”
I asked a Cuban Foreign Ministry official what improved relations with the U. S.
would mean. His answer was immediate: “You have technology in medicine and industry that is the best in the world. You have computers that would speed our development several times over.”

I asked another Cuban if the Soviet aid did not mire them in a kind of dependency on a major power.

“When you are drowning, you do not ask who is throwing the life preserver,” he answered.
The analogy came back to me as I rose above Barbados on a final flight to Miami. At about 5, 000 feet I glanced out the window and found I was looking at the entire island from coast to white-foamed coast.

It was hard to imagine that this was an entire nation, and one of the more successful
ones in the Caribbean at that. From the heights, we’ve looked on them as lovely pleasure boats for us to step aboard and take our leisure. And failed to see them reaching for the lifeline.

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On My Own: Benefits of Solo Travel

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed doing things by myself — I am my own best friend. I have never been one to shy away from eating alone or going to a movie all by myself. Once I got serious about fulfilling my passion for travel, the thought of going solo did not deter me. The fact that no friends or family would be able to accompany me was never a hindrance. I booked the trips and was on my way. Everyone has their preference when it comes to travel, and if you are considering taking a solo trip — whether across the ocean or just a few states over — but are hesitating, I would like to share some benefits I have experienced firsthand.


Increased Confidence

Traveling on your own can be a great confidence booster. You will end up doing so many things you never thought you’d do. You will handle problems with greater ease than you probably imagined you would. Travel is awesome, but is rife with potential issues that can quickly put a damper on your experience — you will likely find that you can handle much more than you ever thought yourself capable of. There will be no one else to rely on, no travel companions. You will do things on your own that you may have never considered doing without another person; it will be up to you to solve any problems — there will be no one else to turn to.


Opportunity for Reflection and Clarity

Travel in general is always a great way to clear your head and get some clarity; removing ourselves from the drudgery and monotony of our daily routine helps shake things up. This can easily happen when traveling with other people, but solo travel really gives you a particularly powerful opportunity for some serious reflection and contemplation. The insights I gained on my first solo trip served as catalysts for major change in my life and a total shift in my path. Stepping away from my current life for a bit really helped me assess where I was currently and where I wanted to go. My solo adventures really helped me learn a lot about who I really was, what I truly valued, and what type of life I wanted to live.


More Comfortable Being Alone

Humans are social creatures and we enjoy being around other people. There is great value in that of course, but there is also great value in being comfortable spending time alone. It is only when we take the time to withdraw a bit, and sit with ourselves and our thoughts, that we get to truly know ourselves. There is a lot of wisdom in silence, and we can only achieve this silence if are okay with being by ourselves on a regular basis. I have always liked spending time alone, but I found that traveling by myself really changed how I used that time. It is important to unplug from the world around us sometimes and just “be.”

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who is passionate about traveling and its benefits on personal development. If you are traveling through California, she highly recommends the Comfort Inn Hotel in Palo Alto California.

Ten Things to Do In Canberra


Canberra is one of the most popular and capital city of Australia, this city has a very large population over 350000 and it is over eighth largest city in Australia. This city is two hundred and eighty kilometers from the south east of Sydney. Canberra is the resident of Canberra it is similar to that of Washington in united states of America. The entire design of this city is of garden and the city is mainly located in the ranges of brindabella, other hills near to this city are Taylor mount, mount Ainslie and mount mugga, Mulongo River which flows through molongo plain, Queanbeyan River which connects this molongo river at one point.

Climatic conditions: the climatic condition of this city is warm in summers and cool in winters with a heavy fog and frosts, -10 degree is the very lowest temperature recorded in this city.

This stat is good in economy, education and demographics, this city is the main centre for broadcasting information so it is considered as a major media broadcasting city.


Things to do in Canberra are:

  • War memorial: This Australian museum where you can see the memorials of great persons in war. It is a place where you can see statues, photographs, swords and other monuments. This museum shows the strength courage and great sacrifices of people of Australians at the time of wars. You can also experience great moments of Australians In wars.
  • National gallery: the national gallery of Australia is a wonderful place; it is place for a photography this place is surrounded by greenness and water which is present inside this greenness. The air from this tree breathes fresh and rejuvenates our body and inspires every one mind. The tour to Australia is incomplete u visit this beautiful place.
  • Questacon: questacon is a science museum which is present in the state Canberra in Australia, this museum is very interesting and full science things so most of the people in Australia visit this museum with there children and inspires young minds.
  • The great building of national portrait gallery on Kings Edward terrace in Canberra and this is surrounded by a high court of Australia. This portrait gallery center contains collections of shopping, café, education stores, theatre, and school groups.
  • Parliament house; parliament building is also located in Canberra it is place for ministers and politics. It is a main center for Australian politics.
  • Tylor mountains and Ainslie mountains the great mountain which are present near to this city so many tourists from all over the world visit Canberra to see this great and exotic mountains and climatic conditions near this mountains in cool winter are pretty owe sum and beautiful. The Ainsle Mountains are near to the river molongo when you climb up to the some extent of mountains you can find many unique points from where you can see the beauty of this nature and mountains. There are large numbers of clefts which are present on the side of these mountains this clefts looks like an elephants thorn. The head of this elephant cleft is the most unique point from where you can see the more interesting views of mountains. River which is flowing on the down of this mountains looks owe sum from the top of it.

Air from the top of this mountains is fresh and breathe of this air rejuvenates the body. So many tourists who visit Canberra are visiting this great mountains and enjoying the secretes of this mountains. Many tourists who visit this place have good experiences and feelings which can’t be express in words.

Things to Do In Adelaide


Adelaide is the most popular city and it is the capital of South Australia, it is the one of the largest city in Australia. The plains of this city are present between the gulf st Vincent and peninsula, the foot hills of are not more than twenty kilometers from this city. This is the state for many financial and governmental institutions. This city is famous for many cultural, sports, food festivals and many other celebrations of Australia. Westpac house is the tallest building of this city it is more than 133 meters. This city is highly developed metropolitan city and the colony of this city is well designed for an immigrants.

Things to do in Adelaide are:

  • Tour to Kangaroo Island: tour to Kangaroo Island is very less distance from this city, cruises are available on the sea shore of this city, and these cruises take us to the kangaroo islands it takes not more than one or one and half hour. This island is special for kangaroos where you can see large number of kangaroos. This island is very beautiful and good scenery for photography. I went to this island before two years back. The water around the cruise is in blue color and looks stunning good.  This is an island not only for kangaroos but also penguins, birds and koalas. The tour to this island should start morning so that you can return soon at evening you can have your lunch with in this cruise.
  • Bavarian village of Barossa valley is completely separate from the city of Adelaide it is a place where you can see a good scenery and greenness. The villages of these Bavarian villages are stunning beautiful. The breathe from this villages of Barossa valley feels like Europe mixed with Australia. There is also a hotel opportunities near to this place where you can have your lunch and it is a good place for vineyards and good for photography.
  • City of Adelaide: the sight seeing tour to Adelaide is a good trip, the Adelaide is a highly developed metropolitan city where you can see large and high buildings which are surrounded by a green and leafy trees, because of the trees which are surrounded by the buildings the area looks pleasant and good. When you visit north of this terrace you can see some historical buildings and good statues and memorials. Strolls rundle mall is the first shopping mall which is present near to this city. Many tourist who visit this city must go for the highs of chocolates it is a you can get the more finest and good chocolates.
  • Many other places that have to see are Victoria Square, parliament house; Torrens River which is surrounded by gardens, haighs chocolates but is not opened on Mondays. City oval is the Australia cricket ground, street of trendy Hutt, many gardens and parks, boulevard the villiam street king and the cities oldest church trinity church.
  • Trip to murry river: murry river is which is present on the mannum paddle steamers; this place is famous for green vineyards, citrus fruits trees. Rolling mountain hills are must visit place which is also located in this city. You can travel in this water through cruise or boat and you can have your lunch as a buffet. It stops at gamaracha tea factory where you can relax with a tea or a coffee and continue the travel from ponds. North Adelaide apartment are most famous and luxury flat is designed with all facilities so that it is good place for a people those who need a luxury flats in this city.

Additional information: there are many apartments and hotels near to this murry river in motel most luxury apartments include international city motel, city traveler’s inn, and international Hilton and Jackson motors inn.

Reasons to See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

THE VICTORIA FALLS or the mosi-oa-tunya is a waterfall located at the southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It neither the highest nor even the widest river on the earth but is said to be one of the largest rivers of the world.

Here is the list of reasons to visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

  1. Helicopter sight seeing- to have a look about what actually THE VICTORIA FALLS look like one has to definitely book a helicopter for the sightseeing. Breath taking views of the river and the Batoka George makes you click thousands of photographs.
  2. White water rafting- Rafting on the white water is one of the adventurous and amazing experiences. Rafting on the river waters is complete fun and a life time experience.
  3. Bungee jumping- one of the favorites of most of the people the bungee jumping at a height of 111 meters in to the Batoka George is really heart thumping.
  4. Lunar rainbow- January to July is the time when you can easily see the lunar rainbows. The park is open till late times and this amazing view can be enjoyed on either side of the full moon.
  5. Nature sanctuary-the nature sanctuary and the crocodile farms is the place where you can find crocodiles from the egg stage to big large crocodiles. The nature sanctuary holds the sceneries   of the beautiful nature and is a habitat for various wildlife animals.
  6. Victoria events- various events are held at the Victoria Falls and are open to the tourists and the native people. Events such as mountain biking, Zambezi man and the marathon competition are completely thrilling.
  7. Bridge tours- bridge tours depict the marvelous piece of engineering and if you like travelling on foot this is the best option for you. Have a look at the amazing Victoria Falls from the bridges and make yourself a part of this marvelous piece of engineering.
  8. 8.      Elephant rides-ride on the top of the elephants and have a complete different look at the surrounding. After the rides, the elephants can be fed and its a great opportunity for clicking some amazing photos.
  9. 9.      Lion walk- similar to the elephant ride you can also enjoy the lion walk. Observe the behavior of lions walking freely in the bushes, playing with each other and trying to climb the trees.
  10. 10.  Game rides- just sit back and relax and your tourist guide would introduce you to the amazing wildlife near Victoria Falls. This will not make your mind fresh but at the same time would also add more facts to your knowledge.

The list does not get over here; there is lot of more such amazing reasons to visit the Victoria Falls. The beauty of the Victoria Falls can never be experienced without personally having a close look at it. The breezes that flow in the environment due to the Victoria Falls provide a soothing effect to the minds and pay us back the money spent on it.


Getting from here to there in a foreign city

Last time you were on vacation and were visiting a new area, how did you get from here to there?  Did you check ahead of time to see there was a bus service available or did you rent a car so you could get yourself around town?  Not everyone chooses to drive the city streets in a new area, especially if you are used to driving on one side of the street and the driving done at your destination is on the other side.

Some online research before you leave home is a good idea. This search can let you know about a trolley, subway, bus or other public transportation that is available.  If you own a smartphone, you can also use travel apps to help you out to know where those stops are so you can get from here to there and back again without getting lost.  Online is also where a guaranteed mobile phone contract can be found.

The world is full of different modes of transportation.  Travelers can ride a rickshaw in Beijing, ride a camel in Turkey, take the subway in New York or ride a street car on the streets of San Francisco.  Getting around can be an adventure all its own so if you can, leave the rental car where it is and experience a different way to get to that landmark, tour or famous site.If you will be spending time in Vietnam, you won’t want to miss hopping on a Cyclo. This popular tourist form of transportation is a tricycle taxi most seen in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. The Chicken Bus in Central America is an affordable way for people and chickens to get from village to village and don’t be surprised if you board to find there is standing room only.

Getting the most from your travel adventure

When anyone is planning their next travel getaway, they always want to get the most for their money.  They want to find the flight that works best with the times they want to travel, they want to stay at the best hotel that fits in their budget and while on holiday, they want to explore, experience, taste and enjoy their surroundings so they go home feeling their money was well spent.


They also want to find the best price on the tours they want to take and if their holiday is mainly for activities, they want to pack in as much as they can.  They might hike one day, go scuba diving on another day along with para-sailing, fishing, bike riding and all sorts of other activities that keep their days full and busy.  What they don’t want is to become injured during any of these events.  There is nothing worse or more scary than becoming injured while on holiday.


If you are in a foreign country, you won’t be seeing your own doctor or visiting a hospital where your language is spoken.  Activities are done everywhere but when you are away from home, you want to take that extra precaution to stay safe and not have your time for fun stopped by an injury that keeps you bedridden or unable to get around.


Whether you are on land, on the sea or in the air, you want your travel adventure to be memorable, fun, exciting so you can go home with lots of amazing photos to share with family and friends and stories of what you did, saw and marveled at.  Making the most of your travels takes planning most of all but some experience helps too.  It’s your time to get away and enjoy the world we live in so make the most of it while you can.

Things to do and Places to see in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is one of the most beautiful places on earth and not surprising, it is one of the most visited cities in the world. The attractions of the city are unique and there are a wide range of things to do and places to see in this historic city. Whether you like to do the usual things that tourists do or venture out on your own and explore a different side of the city, Venice has a lot to offer everyone.

You will never fall short of the staff to do and places to see in the city of Venice. Here are some ideas you may like to do while you are here:

Venece, Italy

Explore the city: Yes, you can take guided tours through the city but there is nothing like exploring the city on your own and getting lost in its beautiful sights. People who have visited the city recommend that everyone should do this and get a feel for the city and its rich heritage. There is nothing like soaking in its atmosphere before stepping into a museum or other historical places.

Visit churches in the city: The city is dotted with churches that will catch your eye. One of the best things you can do while you are in the city is visiting these churches. You will be awed by the architecture and the sheer beauty that each of them have. One of the most famous churches in the country has to be St. Mark’s Basilica and this is a must-visit when you are in Venice. There are three museums within the basilica that you will find interesting as well.

Venice, Italy

Visit St. Mark’s Square at night: This is one of the most visited spots in the city and there is no doubt that you will visit it during the day like everyone else. However, seasoned tourists recommend visiting it at night and seeing it when there is no one around. It looks very different than how it does during the day when it is filled with throngs of people. It is a way to really immerse yourself in the beauty and magnitude of this beautiful spot in Venice, Italy.

Go on a gondola ride: Visiting Venice without taking a ride in the world-famous gondolas is a no-no. Yes, it may not be as romantic as it has been pictured in numerous movies but fun nonetheless. It is such a famous activity that it would be a pity to miss out on one of the things that the city is known for. It is still a great way to see the city and enjoy a little quiet time before getting back to the hustle-bustle.

Venice, Italy

Venice is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its rich history makes it world-famous and it is due to this history that you will find many beautiful buildings, monuments and churches in and around the city.

Meta description: Venice, Italy is a must-visit. With gondola rides, museums and churches, there is no end to the things you can do and places that you can visit while you are here.

About the author:

Rajkumar Jonnala is a travel guest blogger from India. He blogs at and

Best Offbeat Travel Destinations In UK

The UK is one of the leading travel destinations in the world, thanks not only to the rich terrain and the variety in terms of flora and fauna that the country has, but also because of the culture and the wealth of history that it has. The fact that there is a huge variety of activities and sites to visit makes it an ideal place for you to visit for your relaxation or for the sake of enhancing your knowledge and experience of the world.
• The Merlin Entertainment London Eye
This is a popular attraction site in the UK and one of the best travel destinations in the world for most people. This is mainly because of the fact that it is huge and features complex architectural styles. The fact that one can have over 40 kilometers of the city’s view when o the tower serves to increase its popularity as a leading tourist destination. Having celebrated its 10th year, it is set to continue being one of the most loved landmarks in the whole city of London.

Tower Bridge
This magnificent example of Victorian Engineering offers magnificent views of the city. Having been built in the 1800s, it also serves as an important part of the history of the city. It houses several journals and historical documentations on its origins and thus a visit to the bridge might prove enlightening.

• The Thames
It is said that one is never really in London if he or he does not take a ride down the Thames River. It is not only a site to behold on its own, but also provides a good opportunity for visitors into the city to have a perfect view of it. Most of the famous structures and other tourist attraction sites can easily be viewed when on the Thames River. One gets to see the Parliament Houses, The St. Paul’s Cathedral and even the Tower Bridge among other things when on the river. This makes it to easily feature among the best travel destinations in the world.

• Buckingham Palace
One of the main reasons why the UK is a leading tourist destination is because of its rich history. The Buckingham palace is an important part of the history of the people in general. Its architecture is magnificent and breathtaking and thus one that will definitely catch your attention. Other than the magnificence of its style and general architectural style, there is also the fact that it is house to the famous Royal Collection which usually consists of famous paintings, sculptures and other valuables.

• The Royal Observatory
This is a place that you have to visit when you happen to be the city. Paying a visit to the Royal Observatory has always proved enlightening to most people. One gets to see the largest refracting telescope in the UK, ancient timekeepers and the chance to be at different hemispheres at the same time. The main reason why it is a worldwide destination is however because it houses the National Meridian Line.
Other places that one should definitely visit are the South Bank Center, the Houses of Parliament and even the countryside for the sake of enjoying the beauty of the natural environment that the UK has to offer. These are however among the best travel destinations in the world.

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A Guide To Australian Outback For First Time Travelers

Where exactly is the Australian outback? We hear of the famous Australian outback in movies, books and TV documentaries, but can anyone define exactly what or where it is? Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world, but only a few parts are populated. The rest of the vast remoteness, emptiness and the huge distances of inland Australia is the Australian Outback!

How To Get To The Outback?

  • Driving: If you choose to drive, map your route in advance. Know where to refuel, where to eat and where to stay or camp. You’ll find airports in regional towns but it’ll be tough to hire a car there. It’s best to hire a good 4-wheeler at a major city and head out.
  • Outback Tour: Join an outback tour from an air charter company. Usually these tours take on 6-10 people in a group. The tours start from a major city airport and fly the group to destinations throughout outback Australia. The advantage here is that you can easily travel to remote locations, and the tours include accommodation, camping facilities, entertainment and food.

When Is The Best Time For Outback Travel?
Gibb River Road Australia

Summer temperatures in the Australian Outback can go way beyond 40°C (104 F). It’s best to avoid high summer (December to February). Travel during autumn and spring, or even during winter (nights can be freezing cold though). Check the climate at your outback destination in advance.

What To See

The outback is beauty personified; you can enjoy wild rock formations, beautiful lakes, billabongs, waterfalls and miles and miles of desert. An outback tour will take you to the most beautiful destinations, but you can visit them by using a good map and checking with outback locals.
Outback in Australia

The Best Roads To Travel

Take the Gibb River Road, and the Gunbarrel Highway or cross Australia north to south via the Stuart Highway. There are plenty of well known tracks and hidden discoveries to make in the eastern outback, on the Oodnadatta Track, Birdsville Track, Gawler Ranges and so on. Sealed highways are safe for travel; there are many roadhouses and small towns on the way, at a distance of 150 to 250 kilometers from each other. Traffic is frequent too, but do take plenty of water as temperatures soar during summer.
North Australia Outback

How To Stay Safe

  • Plan your trip to the last detail. Give your itinerary to your friends and call them at regular intervals.
  • Driving distances are huge; watch out for sleepiness due to the heat.
  • Don’t speed on the outback – maintain a regular speed and watch out for other vehicles and wildlife.
  • Prepare your itinerary using good maps; take your maps and satellite navigation tools with you.
  • Keep your schedule flexible. You can never tell when a road might close because of a flash flood. If you’re stuck, sit back and wait for the sun to break out and dry the roads.
  • Don’t drive outside town or city limits after dark; you might hit a kangaroo or an emu in the dark and lose control of your car.
  • Don’t start a fire in the wild; bush fires take hold easily in Australia. Australia has total fire ban days from November to March when you’re not even allowed to use a gas stove outside. Mind the rules.
  • Read up Australian wildlife; this will help you stay safe from them. Don’t disturb their habitats.
  • Get your vehicle serviced comprehensively before leaving
  • Carry two complete spare wheels, extra engine oil, extra petrol, spare keys and fan belts.
  • Carry plenty of water to survive a week or more if stranded.
  • Stay close to your vehicle if you’re stranded; it’s easier to spot your vehicle from the air than spot you.
  • Your mobile phone signal may not work in the outback, so don’t depend on it.
  • Stick to properly-marked tracks, and keep a safe distance from cliff edges.
  • Stock up on groceries and food from passing towns. In an emergency, try bush tucker restaurants that offer everything from camel, cat, and kangaroo and emu meat.
  • Carry a lighter and some matches
  • Take clothes suitable for the heat, along with cold weather clothing.

Useful Outback Telephone Numbers

If you are stuck, or want the latest weather report or need to know about road safety ahead, call these numbers.

  • 1300 361 033 – Outback roads status for South Australia Outback
  • 1800 816 078 – Information on Desert Parks Pass
  • 074 746 3120 – Information on road conditions in South-western Queensland
  • 13 1122 – Road report on New South Wales outback tracks
  • 13 1111 – 24-hour road service for Queensland RACQ

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Outstanding natural beauty on the Costa Nerja

Visit Nerja’s caves and see a fascinating natural spectacle and an unrivalled glimpse of Neanderthal history. Cueva De Nerja , or the Nerja cave, is a must-see sight if you’re staying on the Costa Del Sol or, in fact, anywhere in Andalucía. A breathtaking sight, with lofty caverns and colossal stalactites, the parts of the cave system that can be visited make up only a small part of over 4,000 metres of caverns but are by far the most beautiful.

Discovered by a group of adventuring youngsters in the late 1950s, the boys’ bat-hunt brought to the attention of locals this incredible complex of caves. Approximately a third of the caverns are open for public visiting and put on show the spectacular lofty ceilings and rock formations as well as some man-made history that went undiscovered for centuries.

"cueva de Nerja"Stalactites in the cueva de Nerja


Today, the caves on show give the visitor the chance to see the geology of the Nerja area from the inside. Over the course of millions of years, the caves have grown stalactites and stalagmites from mineral-rich waters filtering through the rock. At the heart of the Tourist Galleries lies the Cataclysm, a cavern boasting the largest central column in the world. Measuring 13m by 7m at the base and reaching an impressive 32m in height, this spectacular sight is almost worth the visit alone.

Not long after the discovery of the caverns, explorers uncovered a number of Palaeolithic cave paintings in the upper galleries of the complex. Researchers believe that the caves were used by early humans on a seasonal basis for approximately 4,000 years, after which a settlement took up residence in the caves permanently. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the keeping of domesticated animals, cultivation and farming and creation of pottery within the caves and in the surrounding area. Areas of the caves were also used as burial chambers, and skeletons have been found dating from 25,000BC up to the Bronze Age.

In February 2012, researchers based at the caves announced that what they believed to be Neanderthal cave paintings had been discovered in the caves. Radiocarbon dating has put the paintings at over 40,000 years old. This makes them substantially older than the Chauvet cave paintings in south-east France which, at 30,000 years old, were previously the oldest cave art, dating from the Palaeolithic period.

"some fossils" Some fossils and paintings found in the caves at Nerja


In the present day, the caves are still a hub of cultural activity. If you are lucky enough to visit during June, the Caves play host to an international music and dance festival. Over the course of the month, the caves are brought to life with a variety of orchestral performances, ballet and opera. With the stunning backdrop and acoustics, this is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

If you would like to visit there are a wealth of hotels, villas and apartments within easy reach of the caves. There are also plenty of campsites if you want to keep the costs down just bring your tents and camping equipment and be at one with nature!
cave in costa nerja

A perfect place to visit in the sweltering height of the Andalucían summer, there is plenty in the outdoor world to keep tourists happy too. The caves maintain a very temperate 20°c all year round! In addition to the caves there is a restaurant, gift shop and museum that charts the discovery and exploration of the caves and what is known about the ancient history of the caves themselves. The caves are surrounded by beautiful mature gardens for you to explore while your eyes become re-accustomed to the light outside the dark caverns.

During the summer months, the caves are open from 10am until 7.30pm, with regular tours through the tourist galleries – the caverns that are open to visitors – that take approximately 45 minutes. Entry to the caves is €8.50 for adults and €4.50 for children under 12. Kids younger than six go free.

5 top tourist attractions in Vienna, Austria

Austria attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. If you are in Vienna, you will have a wide variety of choice attractions to visit. Visitors could see beautiful landscapes or research and visit historical events and places.  Tourists will enjoy the hospitality of the local people who are proud of their city, which was designated a UNESCO world heritage site back in 2001. There are many places to visit in Vienna; the challenge is to pick which ones to visit. This article sets out to help the “would be” Vienna tourist by identifying 5 top tourist attractions in Vienna, Austria.

1)Schönbrunn Palace

Attend the Schönbrunn Palace and feel like a King or Queen yourself. The Palace is an extremely popular tourist destination and historically functioned as the summer residence to various Habsburg rulers. The Palace has some wonderful views and tours can last between ½ to a full day, if you like gardens the Schönbrunn Palace is enormous.

"The Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria"

The Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria.

Image Source:

2) The Danube Tower
The Danube Tower Vienna

The people of Vienna call this tower the “concrete needle”. The tower is a wonderful place to view the entire city. The tower is more than 350 meters in height and is a very popular attraction for tourists. The tourist can dine in the rotating restaurant whilst enjoying panoramic views of Vienna.

3) The Prater
The Prater Vienna

The Prater is split into two parts, the fun fair Prater and a public park. The fair is very large with most rides that tourists would want from a fun fair being provided. Particularly impressive is the giant Ferris wheel, which again provides views over the city. The Great Park provides substantial green space, enabling locals and tourists alike to simply relax and/or enjoy many types of sports.

4) The Vienna State Opera House

For any visitor to Vienna, a visit to the State Opera is a must, this architectural delight has graced Vienna since 1869. The Vienna Opera House is situated in the first district of Vienna and it is famous for its first-class opera performances. Apart from the music, this opera house attracts tourists through its wonderful building. The Vienna State Opera Company is world famous too, its current Musical Director is Franz Welser-Möst.

"A view of the Vienna State Opera House, Vienna, Austria."

A view of the Vienna State Opera House, Vienna, Austria.

Image Source:

5) The Haas House
haas house vienna

The Haas building is an essential attraction to visit in Vienna; it reflects the talented building projects of Vienna in the twentieth century. It was built in front of the Stephen cathedral, a beautiful view of which can be seen from the Haas House coffee shop and restaurant.


Vienna is a place of mixed traditional and modern technological architecture. Its special feature is that the old treasures are both seriously protected and also maintained well. Tourists can stay in a variety of apartments in Vienna, most tourists notice how hospitable and welcoming the Viennese population are. Although the city has much “hustle & bustle”, there are also significant opportunities for rest and relaxation too both in your holiday accommodation but also the many parks and destinations in Vienna.

Best Skin Care from Argan Oil

The benefits offered by argan oil are countless. Using this oil can be very beneficial for your skin, as it will keep it hydrated as well as moisturized. Therefore, if you are a person with oily skin who is scared of using any type of artificial skin care products, using this Moroccan oil could be the best option for you.



This oil provides the best treatment for any type of sensitive skin. Many clinical trials have proved that a lot people, who used argan oil and Moroccan oil were able to see huge improvements in the health and elasticity of their skin. The results provided by these oils are quick and accurate. Apart from moisturizing your skin and improving its health, these oils will also reduce the wrinkles and fine lines from your face.


Argan Oil

As argan oil is completely natural, you do not have to worry about any type of negative effects when you are using it on your skin. It is also providing amazing benefits for pregnant women. If one rubs argan or Moroccan oil in the areas of stretch marks, they will see a decrease in the marks. If you are using the oil regularly during the pregnancy period, it will improve the elasticity of the skin. This will also reduce the onsets of stretch marks. Experts are also using this oil to find other benefits they can offer in the skin treatment.


Krill oil

Apart from argan and Moroccan, krill oil is also well known in the market for its astonishing properties. The oil comes with the Omega 3 fatty acids, which promotes brain function as well as reduce the risk of heart problems. One can also fight against free radicals with the antioxidant properties of the Krill oil. However, in order to obtain pure krill oil, it is very important to find a trained dealer, who can provide you the best quality product.

Due to the increasing demand of argan, Moroccan and Krill oil , a lot of dealers are providing it for the customers. However, not all of them can provide you the right quality products. Therefore, when you buy these oils, it is very important to ensure that you are getting the right quality product for the money you pay. This will ensure that you will be able to obtain all the coconut oil benefits You can also find some experts operating online when looking for these oils.

How to control your dog when you are on vacation

Travelling with dogs can be stressful, expensive and embarrassing. Of course, you love your dog, but the place where you might opt to stay may not. In fact, many hotels and people do not appreciate dogs on the furniture. All dog lovers know that dogs love to cuddle up in front of the television on the fluffy coach. In addition, dogs tend to get rowdy when they see anew environment and thus act out. People do not appreciate such behavior and it can be damaging financially. However, in this article you will find out how you can control your dog while you are on your vacation. Technology’s advancement has given us a solution to all our problems.

To control your dog while you are on vacation, you can get an indoor dog fence barrier. With an indoor dog fence, you will be able to successfully keep your dog off the furniture. An indoor dog fence is like a barrier, which restricts your dog from going to places you do not want it to go. An indoor dog fence is easy, practical and lightweight. With such traits, you can carry it with you wherever you go.  In addition, it is not complicated to install. All indoor dog fence comes with an easy instruction manual. With the instructions and some tools, your indoor fence should be all ready.

In case an indoor dog fence does not suit you, then you can also opt for an electric dog fence Solution.  An electric dog comes in two types, one that has underground wiring and the other has portable wiring. Your dog will have to wear the collar, which will be linked with the wires. If he crosses the wiring, an effective correction will be sent to the dog. This will prevent the dog from crossing the area that you have marked. With advancement in technology, in stores today you will also come across a wireless dog fence. A wireless dog fence, works just like an electric dog fence, except that it does not have a wiring system.

A wireless dog fence is very easy to install and does not require any digging up either. A wireless dog fence is sold according to the area it can cover. If the dog crosses over the restricted area, a corrective action is sent. This restricts the dog from moving further. In addition, these three types of fences can also be used in collaboration. There are many wireless dog fence systems available to the consumer it is wire to go to wireless dog fence reviews  for more information.  Mostly, people train their dogs using the indoor fence, then the electric and move on to the wireless. With these options, you dog will not be able to spoil anything in the place that you decide to live. Yes, these are ways to control your dog. Nevertheless, it is also important to mention, that you need to ensure that you dog has a place to relax and wander around as well. If you restrict your dog with these systems, they can hurt themselves and others. Dogs also need to be trained, for these devices to work.

Magical Abu Dhabi

In recent years Abu Dhabi has gained a reputation as one of the travel destinations of choice for those that are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Certainly there is a lot of the traditional holiday ingredients of sunshine, sandy beaches and shimmering sea, but there is a lot more.

A very forward thinking tax regime has made Abu Dhabi a haven for the rich and successful. With that has come a luxury industry that is second to none. It is very beguiling to the visitor to come and experience this lifestyle of being waited on hand and foot, and with all the high end shopping anybody could dream of.

There are some really top class leisure facilities in Abu Dhabi. The desert is the last place you would expect to find a top rate golf course, but the Abu Dhabi Golf Club is just that. It must have taken a remarkable effort of will to create a green oasis such as this among the dunes, but that is typical of the spirit of a place where it seems as if anything is possible. It must be remembered that temperatures on the course can get very hot, so it is definitely one for golfers who do not mind playing in the heat.Photos of The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi
This photo of The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

It can seem like the everywhere in Abu Dhabi is air conditioned. The default temperature for everywhere inside that you are likely to go is bordering on frosty – something which catches many first time visitors by surprise. One place where it definitely seems fitting however is the Abu Dhabi Ice Rink. This is a competition grade rink but is open for recreational skating. Its great for kids, but there are some excellent cafés to sit in for parents who don’t feel like sliding about. Photos of Abu Dhabi Ice Rink, Abu Dhabi
This photo of Abu Dhabi Ice Rink

In the United Arab Emirates falconry is a popular sport with traditional roots. Whereas in Europe it was very much the preserve of nobility the Bedouin tribes people relied on hunting with hawks to help provide sustenance. Abu Dhabi boasts the world’s leading falcon hospital, which is an unusual but popular tourist attraction.
Photos of Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi
This photo of Heritage Village
For those that are interested in what life was like in Abu Dhabi in times gone by, the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is the ideal day out. It is a celebration of the traditional way of life in the region complete with tents, camels, and of course shopping opportunities. It also accords great views of the city that are worth the trip out there in themselves.

There is really no place on earth like Abu Dhabi. A trip there is sure to be something that you will never forget. Despite being a very different culture to that in the west it is open and welcoming to visitors. It is now possible to take direct flights to Abu Dhabi with national airline of the UAE, Etihad Airways from Manchester and London amongst other places.

Simon Grant  of Time to Wander produced this content on behalf of Eithad Airways to operate flights to Abu Dhabi from around the world.

A Guide to Frankfurt

The future is now.


That line best describes the city of Frankfurt in Germany. Skyscrapers in this place are growing up like mushrooms! The architectural structures of these buildings are almost the same as the ones in the animated film Meet the Robinsons; only they are actually manually built and didn’t just grow magically.
Frankfurt Pictures
This photo of Frankfurt
It’s the central business district and the financial capital of Germany so expect to meet a lot of corporate people here. Think of Wall Street in Europe and you’ll imagine how this city looks like. And since it’s a busy place, driving is not really a good idea here. It’s best to actually walk or ride on a bike to roam around because you won’t exactly become a fan of their traffic jam not to mention the struggle of getting a parking space!
Frankfurt Pictures
This photo of Frankfurt
Riding a cab here is more appropriate than owning one since it’s just a small city and your cab fare will just be reasonable. And if you love to have more adventure, join the locals on their everyday life of commuting using their busses or their trains. Just don’t go out during rush or you’ll just end up really tired and haggard after the modern city war.
Frankfurt Pictures
This photo of Frankfurt
I would also suggest the you don’t come here on a summer because the heat could be disappointing that it sometimes rises up to 35 °C. Come here around early autumn and you will surely enjoy the cool breeze of its lovely climate. If you want to spend the holidays here, I just have to warn you that it can also be very cold although snow is very rare, but the temperature could go lower than 10 °C.
Frankfurt Pictures
This photo of Frankfurt
Since Frankfurt is part of Europe, expect a lot of historical sites and museums in town. One of the must-sees in this city has to be the Römerberg. You’ll see old churches that were built around the 14th and 15th century. There are cafes and shops that you can hangout with your friends in this area. It’s a good spot to relax and marvel on historical buildings that are still standing firm after all these years.


Museums are also a big thing in Frankfurt and all over Germany. They usually open everyday just not on a Monday. Now if you want to really see ALL the museums in this town, I suggest that you avail their Museumsufercard for €75.00. This will give you access to the 33 must-visit museums in Frankfurt, as the card is valid for 1 whole year.


There are a lot of activities that you will enjoy in this city. For all music and culture lovers out there, missing to watch an opera in this town is no-no. Go visit the Oper Frankfurt building and rekindle that passion for classical arts as you watch and listen to the music of such world-class talents who are performing in one roof.


If you’re the type of person who loves the city life, then this is actually the place for you especially if you’re looking for a great job opportunity in Germany. Since this is the country’s financial center, it is only ideal to find a job here. It is best if you are the type who would like to work on banks and other finance related work.


Now for all the ladies who love to shop. Frankfurt has a lot to offer you. Most shops close at 8pm although there are still shops that are open until 10pm. Buy anything from designer items to cheap thrills without worrying about the hassle of going for madness sales because their prices are actually pretty reasonable and the ambiance and location is ideal for a long day of shopping.

And of course, your trip here will never be complete if I don’t share with you the best food that you must taste. If you’re on a budget, why not try some Chinese cuisine from this restaurant called Jade. And in case you get hungry while waiting for the train in Frankfurt-Griesheim, then I suggest that you buy some kebabs that will satisfy you for the price of € 2.50 to € 10! Go find Bizim Döner and I’m sure that your train ride will be unforgettable.

New York City on a shoestring

New York city has always been a dream destination for many travelers. It is a cosmopolitan settlement with many great sites, beautiful green parks and a fantastic choice of cafes and restaurants. Once you settle in your New York apartmentand get some rest from the trip, here is a list of the places that you can visit and it is not necessary for them to be expensive. Here is a list of several things that could be done here without spending a lot of money. The city of New York provides many pleasures at no cost or at a low cost. These could include plays and concerts, tours and museum exhibitions, etc. throughout all its five boroughs.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The first thing to know when going to New York City is that the public transportation here is great, when you are travelling on a budget. The public transportation that you can use is via bus or commuter railroad, via ferry and subway, etc. There is a metro card available too, which could be bought on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The other important thing to know is that the New York hotels could be quite expensive, thus booking an apartment in New York for the period of your stay is a better idea and will turn out to be a cheaper option.

NYC - Queens - LIC: Socrates Sculpture Park - Albatross

The food could be expensive too, but there are options to eat cheaply. For example, there are many vendor carts along the streets of New York, where are being sold all kinds of things from vegetables and fruits, to hot dogs and pretzels. On every street corner in Manhattan, there is also a place for a take-out food, as well as a buffet or a pizza place and also a Chinese place. The other options to consider are some museums and various cultural institutions that offer free entry on some of the days. For example, one could try the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Jewish Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Of course, one should make some research before the visit and find out on which days and during which hours it is cheaper to get inside of these places. Absolutely free is to see the collection that is devoted to the Native Americans culture and history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. Another free museum is the Socrates Sculpture Park set on the East River in Queens.


Another option is to take the ferry to the Staten Island and to enjoy some views towards the harbor. It is a good and wise idea to buy a City Pass, which will provide you a very good discount on six main attractions. Another interesting idea would be to find one of the free copies of the Official NYC Guide and to use the coupons there, as well as the available up to date information and thus to save money on sightseeing, restaurants and shopping.

A post by J.Miller who writes about apartments in Miami and London apartments.

Day by day tourist costs in Prague?

The city of Prague is a great holiday destination, so if you are reading this then maybe you are planning a trip to the capital of the Czech Republic. In case that you have arranged the flights and there could be some really great bargain prices with the low cost carriers these days, then maybe you are searching for a good place to stay. Besides the hotel rooms, which could be quite tiny and noisy sometimes, as well as expensive, there are furnished and equipped Prague apartments that will offer you excellent quality, more space and all that at a good price. Now, the rest of the daily expenses may vary and this depends whether you avoid the tourist traps or not. The restaurants in the city center and around the major tourist attractions could be quite high, but otherwise the city of Prague is rather a cheap destination when compared to the rest of the European countries. Travelers should know that the prices near the main tourist zones could go up with almost 30 % than the average normal prices in the rest of the city. This is valid for the food and the drinks, as well as for the souvenirs.

Capital of Czech Republic

Now, the ticket prices for the transport are according to the time they are used. There are limited tickets valid for half an hour, 75-minutes tickets, as well as one day pass, five day pass. There are also monthly passes with different prices for the children, the students and the senior travelers. For a taxi service from the airport to the center of Prague, one should expect to pay approximately 20 Euros, while for a taxi within the city center, one will most probably pay 8 Euros. If you are with a partner and want to go on a dinner in a restaurant of the mid-range, then expect to pay approximately 20-25 Euros, for a soup, main courses, dessert and wine. If you just want a large sausage from Wenceslas Square which is a tradition here, then expect to pay approximately 2 Euros. For a coffee and cake rest, the sum will most probably be around 4 Euros. The domestic beer costs approximately 1.5 Euros in a bar, while the imported beer costs with one Euro more or 2.5 Euros for a bottle.
Prague Czech Republic

The water and the non-alcoholic beverages costs approximately 1.4 Euros. If you are renting a serviced holiday apartment in Prague that comes with a refrigerator and a kitchen zone, most probably you will want to visit a supermarket and buy some products. The milk here costs approximately 0.6 Euros, while the bread is approximately 0.9 Euros. This is also the price for the cheese and for the eggs.
Prague, the capital of Czech Republic

A bottle of local wine costs approximately 3 Euros, while a bottle of domestic beer like Gambrinus for example is 0.5 Euros, compared to the imported beer like Stella Artois for example, which is 0.95 Euros.

A post by Barbora Dvorak who also writes about Warsaw apartment and Krakow apartment.

The Best Cities for Beer on Earth

There is never a day in the life of this world that not one person doesn’t get to drink the most famous beverage that symbolizes manhood and bravery (well, this is all just according to me) and it’s none other than- BEER! So if you’re a big fan of this drink, taking a trip around the world to taste the best beer is actually a reasonable act of passion. Today is your lucky day as I give you the best cities to drink beer on this planet. Get ready!


Dublin Pictures
This photo of Dublin

The first on the list has to be Dublin, Ireland. And this is not just according to my opinion because it’s a given fact since Guinness can even prove it for you. Ale drinking is not just an activity in this city to unwind from work rather it’s a lifestyle! The high price that beer has in this city doesn’t hinder its locals to have fun and get crazy with it, as you will see all pubs are pretty much always jam packed. And since this is the ultimate destination for serious beer lovers, a Guinness Storehouse tour will complete your visit.


Munich Photos
This photo of Munich

Now we hop on to our next destination and this time, let’s head to Munich in Germany. They hold the record for disposing 125 gallons of beer in a year and this is exactly an awesome town to experience Oktoberfest! You will also find here the world’s oldest brewery known as the Weihenstephan. Here you can buy ½ liter of beer for €3 which is definitely cheaper than the average price in Dublin.


Next has to be Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It’s the home of Heineken so it’s a big mistake not to hit this place if you’re really on the lookout for the best beer in the world. The best place to buy beer here is The Crack Kettle, which holds a massive number of beer collections that they export all over the world. And to be exact with that number, they actually ship 500 different types of beer for the people of this planet to enjoy! For €3, you get to drink a pint of their specialty and that’s already their average price.


I know you must be wondering where on earth can you actually get some cheap beer these days and don’t worry because we got that covered for you. The answer is in Prague, Czech Republic. Could be the place who holds a record of having the largest beer consumption on earth as statistics show that more than 41 gallon is what just one person is consuming on an annual count. Do the math! Probably one of the reasons for this number is the cheapest beer. How cheap? Let’s just say you can buy half a liter for only $1.25! That’s how cheap it is!


nightlife in Tokyo

Interesting how this next place has got one of the best beers in the world and I’m talking about Tokyo, Japan. I can’t guarantee that you’ll ever find a cheap beer in this city but I can assure that you will be able to find beer here instantly. You don’t need to even have an ID to get all the drink you want because just like sodas in can, you can buy a beer right from their vending machines. But if you’re into some adventure on tasting other of their local stuff, then visit Popeye (not the cartoon) a pub in their downtown area where you can knock yourself out tasting 70 different types of beers!





So we’ve been to Europe and Asia, how about checking out some of the happiest people I know when it comes to drinking beer, of course my awesome friends in America! The West Coast is the best spot in the States to experience this country’s best beer and it’s none other than the city of Portland in Oregon. Microbrewing is definitely huge in this city as their hops and barley are actually grown in this place so there’s no need for any import on this subject. For $3.30, you can absolutely say goodbye to the stress of your work and just hang out with friends drinking your favorite ale.


And that has just been an awesome roundup of the best cities to visit to have some authentic taste of real and fresh brewed ale! Cheers!


Written by Britain Outdoors Blog

A Rough Guide to the Gold Coast of Australia

Magnetic. That’s the one word that will describe the Gold Coast of Australia. Once you’ve been here, it’s impossible that you won’t come back. From its gorgeous beaches to its awesome city life, this is indeed paradise personified! It’s going to be hard just visiting this place because in a day or two, you’d probably want to settle and move here for the rest of your life. That’s how beautiful it is.

So that’s enough of leaving you in suspense on why it’s amazing to be here and it’s time that I provide you with the many reasons why your eyes should gaze upon the Gold Coast’s awesomeness.

First stop, SkyPoint. If you want to be on top of the world without climbing a mountain, then allow the SkyPoint Observation deck take you to it along with other spectators. See the Gold Coast in full 360 degrees in a way that no other site could give you that luxury.

SkyPoint has a lounge bar on the 77th floor where you can go clubbing with your friends as you groove along with their awesome music and delicious cocktail menus.

Note: Wear your smart outfit as that is their dress code.

The Gold Coast is as well known to be a haven for nature lovers. Witness the massive humpback whales as they show off with their stunning tricks on the ocean as if they’re straight from a Flipper movie. You can book for the morning show that starts from 9 am to 12:30pm or the afternoon show from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.

Now here’s another activity that will surely be fun to be experienced by the whole family, Hot Air Balloon! There’s nothing like seeing the Gold Coast 3000 feet up in the air inside one of these giant hot air balloons. They are open daily from 5 am to 10 am. The prices are pretty much reasonable costing $195 for adults and $165 for kids 14 and below.

After being up in the air go straight to O’Reilly’s Vineyard and experience their amazing champagne breakfast as you satisfy your taste buds with their wide-ranging wine collection.

The Gold Coast is a very developed and industrialized place in Australia where you would be able to enjoy living while also having your work life going on. Thousands of tourists come here annually with the desire to stay after their visit. Most of them have found a way to establish a business here since the potential to have a profitable income is really high due to their quite massive population in all of Australia plus the affluent lifestyle of the locals.

Travelling can be such an expensive leisure pursuit but the adventure and the education that you will get first hand is definitely worth it. In order to save some cash while visiting the Gold Coast why not make sure of some travel packages included in hotel stay or you could rent an apartment with 3 rooms that usually only ranges from €217 to €295 a month.

Now visiting the Gold Coast is never complete without visiting the beautiful beaches and even surfing with some of their giant waves. There are about 26 beaches where you can swim and surf and not worry about the security that these resorts are offering. You can count on the lifeguards and beach patrols for your safety.

One of the best beaches that I can recommend is Gold Coast’s Surfer’s Paradise. From surfing to socializing with the hippest people in town, this beach has understatedly defined the words fun and adventure. They have great facilities for you to chill out because there are lots of restaurants, nightclubs and cafes in the nearby area.  Enjoy getting the perfect sunkissed Queensland tan as you build sand castles with your family.

The people here are very warm and accommodating. You won’t have problems with communication since English is the language that they speak. In case of an emergency this town offers all the services that you may need whether it’s medical or police services.

To sum it all up, the Gold Coast is the perfect hybrid of the city and the beach life that everyone is dreaming of. Being here will give you a balanced lifestyle of your work and leisure time.

Written by Dianne at

Local food restaurant Brussels

The Belgian capital Brussels is a great city to visit, as there is plenty to see and explore. It is also a city with long-standing culinary traditions and most probably the traveller will want to experience some great tastes, besides the typical Belgian chocolates. For those who want to try the local food in Brussels there is one major piece of advice to follow and that is to avoid the tourist traps near their Brussels apartments and especially the area around the Grand Place. The best way to experience typical Belgian cuisine is to make some Belgian friends and be invited at their home of course. If however, you do not have such Belgian friends, there are some nice local restaurants to consider.

Grand Place Brussels

Those who want to taste the local Belgian food specialties like stoemp, mussels and frites, beer stew, etc. should check out the area of Sainte Catherine with its square and the seafood restaurant on the corner. The place is called Mer du Nord and it is close to the church. Here, they serve fresh seafood with white wine and the flavours are superb. This area is ideal if you want to stay in the central zone of Brussels, but it is definitely not cheap.

Another good place to consider if you want to try some good local food in Brussels is the restaurant Le Pre Sale near the same Sainte Catherine area. You will find rabbit with beer, mussels with frites, Eel in green sauce, as well as shrimp croquettes and horse steaks. Close to this place there is a lovely café called Café Roskam.

Rue des bouchers Brussels

Some other good restaurants, which however are in the central zone of Brussels and may be full of tourists, are the restaurants Au Vieux St. Martin, La Taverne du Passage, and also Aux Armes de Brussels and Chez Leon. Another good restaurant near the center is the Spinnekopke. A good way to experience the Belgian capital is to check out the bakery shop Le Pain Quotidien, which is furnished with big wooden tables where a tasty lunch or breakfast is served. The bread baked there is among the best in town and comes with a crunchy crust.

Another nice place to consider is the fancy place Mokafe, which is a coffee bar where one can get a tasty cup of coffee with a piece of cake or some pie. They also serve salads, sandwiches, home-made ice-cream, etc. Among the most famous places to buy Flemish frites is Maison Antoine, which serves the most tasty chips, thus be prepared to wait a long queue. In case you want to try mussels the best place to do so is Au Vieux Brussels, which is a charming restaurant where one can order mussels with white beer, with blue cheese or in a curry and there are also raw mussels with a white wine sauce. The restaurant also serves typical Brussels dishes that are not based on seafood. Other nice restaurants may be found here:

Eight Great Places to Shop in Glasgow

Glasgow has a reputation for being the greatest shopping destination in the UK outside of London. There’s a plethora of products available, from the most famous designer labels to handmade lace. Here’s a list of the best places to start your shopping adventure.

Sauchiella Street Glasgow

This is a great shopping mall for the whole family. There are a number of popular specialty stores, including Debenhams, Fossil, Dorothy Perkins, and the Disney Store. They also boast the largest food court under one roof and dedicated car park, which is a real draw for this busy area.

Canopy Glasgow

Sometimes called Little Milan because of the architecture and its collection of leading clothing designers, this market is located right in the heart of Merchant City. The Centre features stores like Versace Collections and Emporio Armani as well as world class Italian restaurants.

Ski slope up there Glasgow

This sprawling shopping district covers most of the other shops on our list. The streets in this area are lined with shops of every kind and are lively into the night with a collection of clubs and restaurants. is a comprehensive website for the area which also lists where you can find lessons offered by local businesses on everything from book binding to Jive Swing dancing. Look for music and craft festivals as well in this area.

Recognized as one of the top shopping centres in the UK, this elegant mall features three floors of high-end designer brands and specialty boutiques. Princes Square maintains a sophisticated air with shops in a variety of categories from lifestyle and beauty to gifts and art.

This weekend market started as an open street where traders rented carts to sell their wares. Now shops and stands are both indoors and out, trading a variety of goods from fresh produce to antiques. It is located away from the major shopping centres in the East End of Glasgow.

The single largest collection of jewellers and diamond merchants under one roof in Scotland. Not much more needs to be said to draw your attention to this building. They have more than 30 merchants with a vast collection of diamond necklaces, watches, engagement rings and other jewelry.

· West End

Located at the opposite side of the Glasgow shopping district from the Barras, this eclectic area has blossomed around the Kelvingrove Art Museum and the University of Glasgow. Here you can find little trendy shops like Handbags and Gladrags or dine at cozy little restaurants like The Butcher Shop on Sauchiehall Street. If you’re looking for a more relaxed day of sight seeing and retro shopping then this is the area for you.

This modern centre in the heart of Glasgow’s shopping district prides itself on offering more than just retail shopping. It nurtures a relationship with the community through charity fundraising, a retail training program and support of the fashion programme at the Glasgow School of Art.

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Worst tourist attractions in London

So you’re planning a trip to London but you can’t seem to find the right attractions which will suit you. Well put down that travel brochure because I assure you not everything it’s telling you is the truth! To help you in the quest to distinguish the good from the bad, I’ve composed a list of the worst tourist attractions in London.

Maddame Tassauds

Madame Tussauds

You’re probably really surprised that Madame Tussauds made it onto this list because it’s featured in near enough every travel brochure and so is one of the more popular tourist hotspots. With it attracting so much attention you’re going to need the patience of a saint just to cope with the pushing and shoving of others! That’s also on top of kids screaming, prams obstructing your way at every other turn and a very steep ticket price just to put up with all this! With all that being said, the wax models aren’t all that bad to look at, but with the outrageous entry fee and the long waits just to get your photograph taken with your favourite celebrity wax model, it really isn’t worth your time and patience.

London Dungeon

London Dungeon

This is another attraction which is advertised to pretty much every would-be London tourist. I can honestly say it doesn’t live up to the picture painted in magazines and brochures. Okay perhaps if you’re a child or you’re travelling with youngsters then this is probably more for you, but if you’re travelling independently or with a partner who is over the age of 12 then you’ll more than likely regret it. Unrealistic wax models, appalling actors and an over use of fake blood make this place a no-no for anyone with a preference for realism. Of course don’t get me wrong, its history is really interesting, but there are better ways to learn about it. The alternative to learn more about London’s history is to just check out one of the many museums or read a book! They’re much more interesting and won’t cost you £13.95 per person.

Big Ben

People from all over the world associate London with Big Ben like it’s on par with the Eiffel tower or something. The sad fact is it’s not. It’s like any other clock tower you’ve come across but remarkably bigger. So big that you don’t need to trouble yourself with a visit as you can see it from pretty much anywhere in Central London. Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time, you can’t actually go inside it anyway unless you’re UK citizen.

Changing of Guard

HMS Belfast

A once awesome warship which is now a rust bucket sitting in the River Thames waiting for someone to put it out of its misery by either dismantling it or giving it a once-over with some sort of air freshener. It smells, it’s ugly and it’s narrow. Why waste your  valuable time exploring its dingy boiler room when you can be doing something worthy of your time. Don’t get me wrong I’m a war history junkie but this sad little attraction certainly isn’t one for the photo album.

London Sightseeing Bus Tour

Commentary isn’t great and the bus is usually packed. Although it gets you around London, do you really want to be sat on a bus listening to some guy talk, or would you rather explore these places yourself? You’re essentially going to be paying £25 or more for a bus ticket. Need I say more? The alternative solution is to get yourself a London bus pass for £3.90 and explore it at your own leisure.

London big bus

Changing of the Guard

Yes I admit that it’s fun watching the guards change over. However, to get yourself a nice spot to watch the changing of the guard you have to actually arrive really early and wait in the cold. If you’re not willing to put up with this then you simply won’t get to see it happen as it gets really crowded.  

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

This guest blog post was written by London travel writer Melvin, who writes for free London travel guide, London

Beaches in Australia: make sure not to miss the best ones

If you like going to the beach you shoulc come to Australia. A list of all the great beaches in Australia would probably number in the hundreds, if not thousands of entries. To save you time, here’s a list that narrows down the field to the top beach in each of the top five beach-lover states in Australia:

Queensland: Coolangatta Beach

To the uninitiated, Surfers Paradise would probably be the first beach in Queensland to come to mind. Those in the know, though, would agree that for beach and surf lovers, Coolangatta reigns supreme. Why? Here are 2 reasons:

  1. For surfers, some of the best waves in the world are at your doorstep in Coolangatta. Snapper Rocks, Little Mali, Greenmount Point and Kirra Point are all within paddling distance of each other and on some big days, they actually link up to create one “superpoint.”
  2. Tucked into the protected waters just inside of Greenmount is Rainbow Bay. Close to shore, children can safely splash about in the shallow water. Within a stone’s throw of the beach, there are dozens of places where you can grab a bite to eat or dine in style.

New South Wales: Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a year round surfers’ and beach-lovers’ paradise. Most of the action takes place on Main Beach, but that’s just the beginning of Byron Bay’s beach attractions. Just a mile or so south of Main Beach is the legendary Pass, a consistent surfing break that is suitable for bodyboarders, longboarders or short board shredders. In between the two is Clarks Beach, one of the most popular beaches for Byron Bay’s local families.

So far you haven’t even ventured past the main part of town. In whichever direction you go you will find more amazing beaches in and around Byron Bay. Just on the other side of the headland on which the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse is perched, for example, is Wategos. A little further down the road, tucked in the corner of Broken Head National Park, is the Broken Head surfing and swimming beach. Just off shore are some great surfing waves, while the corner of the beach is protected, making it perfect for the kids.

beach Byron Bay

Victoria: Bells Beach

Bells Beach has been heralded by surfers for over half a century. Located just south of Melbourne in the lovely town of Torquay, it is the staging ground for one of surfing’s most long running international competitions, the Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro. Surfing has had a huge impact on the lifestyle and prosperity of the small town of Torquay. One of its top tourist attractions is the Surfworld Museum, the largest museum in the world devoted exclusively to surfing.

While Bells Beach is best known for its surfing waves, the locals know it as one of the best and most beautiful family beaches in the region. It is such a popular beach, in fact, that during the hot summer months, Melbourne residents go out of their way to drive down to Torquay for a day at the beach, preferring it to the crowded, waveless beaches on Port Philip Bay.

South Australia: The Yorke Peninsula

South Australia is not renowned for its beaches but if you go to the Yorke Peninsula you will wonder why. On their day, breaks like Chinaman’s are world class surfing breaks, while nearby Baby Chinaman’s is perfect for beginners. The Yorke Peninsula is one of Adelaide’s favorite summer beach playgrounds and, with over 400 miles of coastline, there is something for every beach lover in South Australia. Although it’s an hour’s drive from Adelaide, on a warm summer day, it seems like most of Adelaide migrates to the Yorke Peninsula to enjoy a day or a weekend at the beach.

South Australia The Yorke Peninsula

Western Australia:

Western Australia is known for having some of the most challenging surfing waves in Australia, if not the world. If one thing holds it back from being a more popular destination for surfers, it is the fact that the further north you travel on the long WA coastline, the more remote the locations become. Closer to Perth, Margaret River produces world class surf and the annual international surfing competition that is held there each year now rivals the Bells Beach contest as the most famous annual event in Australia.

Margaret River is 168 miles from Perth, the capital of Western Australia but the distance doesn’t prevent it from being one of the most popular summer holiday destinations for Perth residents. The beach is perfect for the whole family and the Mediterranean climate makes the Margaret River region one of Australia’s premier wine growing regions. Sometimes called the Byron Bay of the West, Margaret River attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over Australia and the world.

Western Australia Iindijup Beach

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A guide by a local: Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt

Nowadays the most interesting place a tourist would like to visit in Egypt is the Tahrir Square. People from all over the world have heard about the January 25th, 2011 Egyptian revolution – one of the greatest revolutions in modern history – where millions of Egyptian people gathered together to revolt against the former president Hosni Mubarak who had been ruling Egypt for about 30 years. Tourists are eager to visit the place where the revolution occurred and from which the people brought down the former president’s throne and government.

Below you will find more information about Tahrir Square which could be helpful for a tourist, and in addition you will find some historical information that most tourists hadn’t heard before.

Tahrir Square is the largest square in Cairo. It is located in the capital’s centre; its area is approximately 40,000 Km2. Considered one of the best designed squares in Egypt as the streets are branched out in a shape of rays and the square is the centre denoting the shape of a sun. Along the branching streets are the most important banks, news agencies, ministries, the Mogamma’ government building, the Headquarters of the Arab League building, People’s Assembly, Shura Council and the original downtown campus of the American University in Cairo.

Tahrir Square -in Arabic it means the liberty square- was previously named Ismailia Square after Khedive Ismail, after which the name was changed to Tahrir Square referring to the liberation from colonialism in 1919 and then the name was formally established in the revolution of July 23th, 1952. The square was designed to emulate the design of Charles de Gaulle square, which contains the Arc de Triumph in the French capital Paris.

Apart from visiting the location of the revolution, as a tourist, why am I supposed to visit Tahrir Square? Many of you will ask this question and wonder what you shall find there.

Well, first of all the square boasts the Egyptian museum –constructed in 1902- which contains more than 136 thousand pieces of Pharaonic monuments. It is where you can enjoy seeing real monuments of a 5000 years old civilization.

You can also enjoy sitting in the local Egyptian cafes located in the surrounding streets and this doesn’t cost much. There, you can enjoy cold, hot and soft drinks, and why not also enjoy the Egyptian Sheisha while trying delicious fast food as well?

Dining in Egypt has its special character; you can feel something different that you will never experience anywhere except here in Egypt. At Tahrir Square you can find many restaurants that serve Egyptian food, They serve Foul – Beans in English – and Falafel which are incredibly moorish. Make sure you ask about Felfela Restaurant as well as the Tabei El-Domiaty. These are well known there for serving the best quality, best tasting food.

You could also try Koushary; a really very delicious Egyptian dish. I can still savour the taste till right now. You will be able to find all these dishes at very reasonable prices. Ask for the Tom and Basal restaurant, you will like their dishes and enjoy a great meal at a cost of a mere dollar.

Don’t forget to try the delicious Egyptian Kabab and Kofta. This is a meal which consists of meat that is cooked well done on a coal fire. I would recommend that you go and eat at Haty Elgeash in Bab El Louk street, one of the streets branching out from Tahrir Square.

If you would like to eat food from internationally known food restaurants you can find many outlets in Tahrir Square that I’m sure you will know and here you will be able to enjoy eating inside, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, as well as many cafes like Cilantro, Beano’s and Costa cafes.

If you would like to have a tour of the Nile and enjoy the beauty of the River, all you need to do is just pass a street and you will find yourself at the bank of the Nile where you can find many boats and restaurants located on the river. Simply enjoy having food and drinks while enjoying the magical view of the Nile.

You also can pass a street and visit the Egyptian Opera house in Cairo where you can enjoy attending international and local Egyptian concerts, and watch Egyptian folklore as well as many dramas that are staged there.

If you need a hotel you can find many on or near the square. Mainly you can find the Hilton Ramses hotel and many other worldwide internationally known hotels, but you can also find cheaper hotels at Tahrir Square. They are cheap, clean and offer a good service.

If you’d like to go shopping you will find many malls. You can go to the Hilton’s Mall and there are also the Boustan Mall, Talaat Harb Mall and many other surrounding shops where you can find local and international goods that you will like.

At Tahrir Square there are many gift shops where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and relatives. You can find Pharaonic, Islamic, Coptic and Greek souvenirs that are sold at cheap and/or reasonable prices.

Whenever you would like to transfer to or from the Tahrir Square always try to use the underground metro. It connects the four main districts of Cairo and the metro lines all link to Tahrir Square station which is called Sadat Station. The metro is very cheap, better than a taxi or a private car. It only costs one EGP. / Person/Trip. (One dollar = 5.95 EGP.)

And finally I’d like to say that Egypt is one of the most ancient countries in the world. It was alive with the sciences, art, religion and hope when the entire world was dimmed in darkness. Come and visit Egypt, you will never find another country that has the kindness of the Egyptian people and their welcoming of the foreigners. You will always be greeted with warmth and sincerity.

Singapore Zoo

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore

Phone: 65/6269-3411
Price: Adults S$18 (US$12/£8.10), children 3-12 S$9 (US$6.05/£4.05)
Singapore Zoo is a captivating getaway for anyone who loves nature. So much time and creativity has been spent on beautifying this enclosure that resulting in a sense of genuine reality. It is wildly attractive.

One of the incredible and unique features of this zoo is the intelligent approach which ensures that most of the animals do not appear or feel caged or cordoned off. All animals are allowed to roam freely in their natural environments. The trick is that Singapore Zoo psychologically and physically encloses the animals with water catchments, waterfalls, ponds, rocks, bushes and other forms of hidden barriers. Yet it is as safe as any other zoo despite there being few cages or glass walls.
Singapore Zoo has wonderful animal shows. Firstly, the ‘Rainforest Fight Back’ show, which not only introduces 15 different species of animals but also teaches a lesson or two on wildlife conservation. Secondly, the ‘Splash Safari’ show. This show actually might require you to get rather wet. It features animals such as penguins, sea lions, manatees and pelicans. Thirdly, there is the ‘Elephants at work and play’ show. This is a wonderful show, with well-trained, smart and comedic elephants, doing tricks and playing with their handlers.

And finally, we have the ‘Animal Friends Show’, which shows the bond between the animals and their handlers. All these shows are packed with humor and excitement guaranteed to give visitors an entertaining, funny and enriching experience.

Singapore Zoo also has many different sections of animals. Entering Singapore Zoo will give visitors a whole new experience. There are readily available maps to help with locations and directions. Singapore Zoo is segregated into many areas depending on the types of animals. The areas have very interesting names corresponding with the allocation of the animals. An example of these areas is the ‘Australian outback’, an overall look at the wildlife of Australia, with animals such as grey kangaroos, marsupials, koalas and many others. Another amazing area to visit would be the ‘Fragile Forest’. Boasting a size of a 20 000 metre flight area, this is a rainforest environment and also one of the biggest re-creations  imaginable . The interesting thing about this trail is that all animals are left to roam around freely. Animals can be found sneaking around while you enjoy this rainforest experience. These animals are very friendly and might allow you a photo with them if you are lucky. Because of these very cleverly designed partitions, entering the Singapore Zoo makes one feel extremely comfortable and energetic.

Singapore Zoo is a 70-acre rainforest area of beautiful fun and new experiences. Where else can you have a jungle breakfast in a controlled environment with animals? Where else can you see wild animals roaming freely and happily without having to feel bad due to their constraints. Singapore Zoo is constantly developing and hoping to improve its experience and environment to be a better attraction and enclosure. It is definitely one of the most recommended places to visit in Singapore. Singapore Zoo is just like a walk in the park but with so much more.

Here are a few videos: